Noblesse oblige

Arrinera – The name comes from merging two words: arintzea and vero.
From Basque arintzea – (eng. streamline)
From Italian vero – (eng. truly)
Hussarya – the most powerful Polish cavalry,
invincible for over 125 years.
Hussars were characterized by extraordinary agility,
power and speed as well as admired for their unique and elegant style.


Made with passion

Muscular body and dynamic, fluent body lines, emphasize the exceptional capabilities of a supercar. Emotion charged design is like a dream come true about a sophisticated, elegant and nimble sports car. Hussarya has been created to bring joy and excitement not only at high speeds but also to everyday driving.


Virtuoso of positive experience

The V8 engine with 8.2 litre capacity, 800+ HP and 900 Nm of torque offer an unforgettable driving experience. Owing to the active aerodynamics, Hussarya easily penetrates through the air which in turn is used to improve the handling performance.

Air brake

Active aerodynamics

To provide the high stability of the car and reduce the braking distance, Arrinera has been fitted with an active spoiler additionally acting as a brake. This feature allows to shorten the braking distance from 300 km/h by several tens of meters. The spoiler can be deployed on demand at the press of a button.


Low weight and high durability

Making use of carbon fibre and kevlar for the chassis and body production allows significant reduction in weight while maintaining the highest possible design stiffness. Carbon fibre, a modern and technologically advanced material, is widely used in motorsport.


Innovation is our priority

Arrinera Hussarya is the first car ever created with elements containing graphene. This innovative carbon structure fitted to the body improves its resistance to damage.

Unique body

Stand out from the crowd

Beautiful design isn’t enough. Dedicated paints created exclusively for Arrinera by PPG Industries enhance the overall look of the car. The paint with increased toughness has a half-matte structure making Arrinera look mature whereas softly spreading light emphasizes its pugnacious lines. Each coating contains pearlescent pigments creating violet glittering.
Copper – cherry
with a tinge
of purple
White – silver
with addition
of purple
Black – navy
with a shade
of purple

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