The beginning

Everything began when two brothers, Marek and Łukasz Tomkiewicz decided that Poland deserved to have its own supercar. Therefore in 2008 they established a company which at first started to investigate the global supercar market and to create the framework for its own long-term supercar project.

The first prototype

The first prototype was built as a proof-of-concept vehicle in order to assess development strategies for future cars. A decision was taken to proceed with a mid-engined rear-drive layout and a bespoke chassis.

The second prototype

The second prototype was used to validate the mid-engine concept and the basic package of the car, as well as a preliminary aerodynamics approach.

GT-class race car

Having acquired a wealth of practical experience, we decided to alter our development strategy, and to concentrate at first on creating a GT-class race car.

Birmingham 2016

A proffesional race car was born which debuted publicly at the Autosport show in Birmingham in January 2016. In June of the same year we were invited to participate in the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed where the Arrinera Hussarya GT, running in the Supercar class, was the first Polish car to ever take part in the event.

Arrinera Hussarya GT3

The GT3 race car is available to order at this time. At the close of the year 2017 we will present an extreme trackday car which will be road-legal, and subsequently we plan to concentrate on our luxury supercar.

Where we want to be

We wish to be a global Polish brand, irreovocably associated with the production of professional race cars, extreme road-legal trackday cars and luxury supercars.