Arrinera front 3-LQ

Hussarya Road Prototype

June 2017

A road car, closely related to the performance model and dividing its DNA, is a completely custom-built, space-based frame with carbon-kevlar composite panels. Like the Arrinera HussaryaGT, the road car is driven by a naturally aspirated V-8 engine, centrally located. This car, which is already the third development stage of the Polish supercar, also has active aerodynamics and modern electronic systems in the cabin, including custom made driver information display.

Hussarya Road Prototype  has been approved for traffic and can therefore move on public roads. This means starting a test and measuring stage using a car on public roads under the conditions that future car owners will use it.

The car is fully operational and equipped with all electronic, mechanical and aerodynamic systems that will be offered to customers.

Arrinera Hussarya Road Prototype  in the road version was presented in April at the Motor Show Poznań 2017.

The main features of the presented prototype:

  1. LT V8 engines of up to 650 hp
  2. Cima gearbox transmits torque to 900 Nm
  3. Active aerodynamics consisting of 5 independently controlled aerodynamic sections including a selection of “Road” or “Race” modes.
  4. Carbon fiber and kevlar body with visible structure
  5. Three screen system responsible for displaying the most important information for the driver
  6. Designed by Arrinera engineers Arrinera Body Control Module (ABCM), this is the central management system for electronics throughout the car.
  7. Air conditioning system designed from the ground up with electronics and software, controlled by a touch screen.
  8. MobileEye – a system for detecting pedestrians, cyclists, characters and obstacles
  9. Unique colour called “Kalahari sunset” developed specifically for the road version by PPG.
  10. New luxurious interior, dominated by carbon fiber, aluminum and leather.
  11. Own design Bi-LED lights.
  12. Temperature monitoring system placed in the 8 most important sections of the car.