Dream team

Lukasz Tomkiewicz – President of the management board; 17 years involvement in the automotive industry. The mastermind behind the creation of the Arrinera supercar. 

Lee Noble – a British engineer responsible for production of the rolling chassis for the Arrinera and all technical aspects with regard to the supercar. Lee has over 30 years experience in designing cars, with more than 2000 cars manufactured and sold.

Witold Witkowski – a major engineer tasked with ongoing cooperation with Lee Noble. 31 years experience in the Research and Development Centre – developing and researching vehicles, testing vehicles on tracks, e.g. Applus and IDIADA, pre-homologation examinations as well as involvement in overseeing the production quality.

Zygmunt Trabinski – electrics and electronics. 36 years experience in the Research and Development Centre.  Involvement in projects related to acoustics and electrotechnics, durability and function as well as electrotechnical disturbances. 

Krzysztof Stelmaszczuk – Constructor. Work experience gained in R&D in the Volvo company in Poland and France. Constructing 3D models in the Solid Edge program.

Pavlo Burkatskyy – stylist responsible for designing the overall shape of the car body, several specific details and the entire interior of Arrinera. Experience in designing car bodies in 2D and 3D programs. 

Jacek Lukasiewicz –  Engineer-Constructor, charged with structural and design projects in 3D CAD programs together with technical  documentation, and model visualization.

Magda Jarek – a press relations officer with several years experience in the automotive industry.

Darek Bereda – fabricating models, forms and components from composites and carbon fibers. 17 years experience in the Research and Development Centre.

Andrzej Pohorecki – Composites Department Supervisor in the Research and Development Center. 32 years experience.

Grzegorz Kacperski – makes 3D models in Solid Works 2014 Premium. He is a final-year student at Warsaw University of Technology - faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering.

Mateusz Durmaj – is responsible, among others, for automotive media monitoring, internet content management and contact with suppliers. He is a graduate of University of Social Sciences and Humanities - faculty of Journalism.

Maciej Marcinkowski – freelancer tasked with creating renderings and automotive visualizations.

Daniel Sekutowicz – experienced mechanic performing mechanical works on the Arrinera Hussarya prototype. Daniel is a final-year student at Warsaw University of Technology - faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering.

Krzysztof Ratajski – new employee in the composites department with many years of professional experience gained in Research and Development Centre in Falenica.

Lukasz Misiak – engaged in issues related to electronics and mechatronics, President and Founder of the Scientific Society of Design Thinking and Board Member of scientific society Computational Design of Mechatronic Devices and Machines.

Kamil Kiendzierski – has several years of experience in CAD engineering using Rhinoceros software. He is responsible for surface modelling. He is a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology – faculty of Architecture.

The Arrinera Automotive S.A. team, with its long standing experience in the industry, has earned acclaim for successful ventures in designing and manufacturing cars and supercars. Previous achievements of the Arrinera’s team members include the following:

  • creating test systems for traction examinations as well as developing and testing vehicles;
  • testing vehicles on public roads and racetracks, e.g. Applus and IDIADA;
  • formulating testing programmes and reporting on tests accomplished, and making recommendations on projects concerning standards;
  • concluding pre-homologation tests and involvement in oversight of production quality;
  • designing and constructing components for an electronic diagnostics system;
  • designing and examining sub-assemblies as well as accomplishing and testing prototype installations;
  • managing a department responsible for the construction of prototype cars;
  • configuring track measurements;
  • experiments with new technologies on the basis of high-end epoxy systems;
  • executing production of carbon fibre, kevlar and vectran products;
  • preparing 3D models in Solid Works program;
  • completing full technical documentation for projects;
  • involvement in solid modelling of external and internal shape for passenger cars;
  • involvement in projects with regard to acoustics and electrotechnics, durability and function as well as electrotechnical disturbances.
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