Arrinera Hussarya w programie Horyzont zdarzeń

Added: 13.11.2014r.

Redakcja programu "Horyzont zdarzeń" telewizji Polsat uczestniczyła w testach Arrinery.

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Kolejne testy Arrinery Hussaryi

Added: 27.10.2014r.

Arrinera Hussarya  jest w trakcie kolejnych testów. Pierwszy polski supersamochód zostaĹ‚ wyposaĹĽony w kompletne nadwozie.

Relacja z testów wyemitowana przez TelewizjÄ™ Polsat - gĹ‚ówne wydanie "WydarzeĹ„"

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Arrinera Hussarya – virtual reality car configurator

Added: 03.10.2014r.

Arrinera Automotive Holding PLC is the world's first supercar manufacturer to introduce the virtual reality car configurator offering a 3D view with the use of a special headset e.g. Oculus Rift.

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Arrinera Automotive Holding PLC listed on GXG Markets in London

Added: 06.06.2014r.

Today shares of Arrinera Automotive Holding PLC based in London  have been admitted to the GXG Market's First Quote trading segment.

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Final design of Arrinery Hussarya

Added: 01.04.2014r.

This is the ultimate look of our supercar Arrinera Hussarya.

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Arrinera Hussarya tests with Lee Noble

Added: 22.11.2013r.

During September and October, in Warsaw and at Moto Park Ulez, the Arrinera Automotive team performed tests on the Arrinera Hussarya supercar rolling chassis.

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Opening of new 8000 m2 hall – SILS Centre Gliwice – the future production facility of Arrinera Hussarya

Added: 03.07.2013r.

On 27 June 2013, the representatives of Arrinera Automotive SA participated in the ceremonial opening of the new production and logistics center with an area of 8000 m2 owned by limited liability company SILS Centre Gliwice Sp. z o.o.

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Cima T906HE gearbox in supercar Arrinera Hussarya

Added: 30.06.2013r.

The Arrinera Hussarya supercar has the Italian company Cima’s gearbox model of T906HE, having the ability to transfer the torque value of 900 Nm.

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Scanning of interior

Added: 10.05.2013r.

Following many months of tuning the details of interior and tests related to the ergonomics of the passenger cockpit (also using it as a simulator), the most important step of creating a place where the supercar Arrinera Hussarya’s driver will spend most of their time eventually ended.

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Visits of Warsaw University of Technology students

Added: 09.05.2013r.
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